Downloading data from East Sussex in Figures (ESiF) cubes into Excel


""""We are aware that users are experiencing difficulties with downloading data from ESiF.  This due to the https:// certification (please be assured, ESiF is secure).  We hope this issue can be addressed in the near future, but in the meantime, here is a workaround.

Note 1:  This process assumes the ESiF user understands the principles of opening and manipulating data ‘cubes’ in the ‘Tables, charts and maps’ section of ESiF.  If you require any assistance, please use the contact details on the bottom of this document.

Note 2:  This workaround only needs to be undertaken when using the MS Edge browser.  Google Chrome appears to not have the same functionality and you can download cubes to excel using a right-hand mouse, open link in new tab option without an issue.  If you are using MS Edge, please follow these steps.

1.       Create the desired table in ESiF

2.       """"Right hand mouse click over the Excel icon (not the usual left hand mouse)

Image of the ESiF cube banner with the download to excel icon highlighted in a red circle

You will see the options appear as a dropdown.


An image of the ESiF cube screen with a dropdown option appearing after the download to Excel button has been right hand mouse clicked.


3.       Select ‘Copy Link’

""""Image of the dropdown options for the download to Excel icon with the command 'copy link' circled in red

4.       Open a new tab on your browser and select ‘Paste’ in the URL box.

""A new tab has been opened in the internet browser and the option to 'copy' is circled in red.


5.       After a period of time the required dataset will download into an Excel format and can be opened.  The reference to the file should appear at the top right hand side of the screen.  Click on ‘Open file’ and Excel will open with the required data.

""A close up of the internet screen, focussing on the 'Downloads'.  The excel filder is highlighted in a red circle and the option to 'Open file' is underlined in blue.

Please get in contact if you are still encountering problems with this function

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