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East Sussex in Figures (ESiF) is a Local Information System that provides the latest statistics on the social, economic and demographic character of East Sussex and its communities.

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Archive Latest data

Quarterly average house prices – data now available to Q3 2020
Deaths by age and death rates – updated for 2019
Infant mortality – 2019 data added
Life expectancy – 2017-19 data added
Workplace- and residence-based earnings data – 2020 data added
CO2 emissions by sector – now with 2018 data
Business demography, survival rates and new business registrations – updated for 2019
Business activity, size and location – 2020 data added to all tables
Employment by industry – updated for 2019
Employees in the public and private sector – updated for 2019
Employment status – now with 2019 data
Employment in the creative industries – 2019 data added
Government employment support schemes – August and September 2020 data added
Nationality and country of birth – updated with 2019 data
Claimant Count including JSA and UC – October 2020 data added to all tables
People claiming Universal Credit – October 2020 data now available
Households on Universal Credit – updated for May 2020
ESA and IB claimants – now with May 2020 data
Alternative claimant count and by age – updated for August 2020
Benefit combinations – now with May 2020 data

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Archive News

A new Economic Briefing is now available giving detailed analysis of the latest business, unemployment, benefits and earnings data.

There were 24,515 active businesses in the county in 2019, 2.2% more than in 2018.

In October 2020 there were 19,225 people claiming UC/JSA because they were unemployed, 140% higher than in October 2019, but lower than the figure in September 2020. 

At £502 per week, full-time earnings in the county are lower than the national average (£590) and fell between 2019 and 2020.

The county emitted 22% less CO2 in 2018 than five years previously, but the decrease in emissions slowed considerably between 2017 and 2018 (down 2%).

In Q3 2020, house prices were 6.2% higher than the previous year.  The average price paid was £354,000.